Olivia Palermo is best known for her role in the MTV reality TV series – The City. However, she is admired by many for her amazing sense of style.

If there’s one thing Olivia knows how to do, it’s to style an outfit. Although usually wearing urban staples she accessories it a such a chic, classic and polished way – the way only a true New Yorker can.





  Here are the Jeminee pieces that we believe would be perfect to create Olivia’s style.

Jet Black Ornate Statement Necklace

£44 – http://www.jeminee.com/index.php/jewellery/necklaces/jet-black-ornate-statement-necklace.html

Petit Pearl Necklace

£85 – http://www.jeminee.com/index.php/jewellery/necklaces/petit-pearl-necklace.html

Although, Olivia is more known for her statement neck pieces, she has a very classic style and I believe these earrings would also be a perfect complement to her outfits.

Clear Crystal Rose Studs

£28 –  http://www.jeminee.com/index.php/jewellery/earrings/clear-crystal-rose-studs.html

Rosabel Earrings

£45 – http://www.jeminee.com/index.php/jewellery/earrings/grey-pearls-earrings.html

 Olivia is such a beautiful woman and takes big risks with her outfits! Colours which normally would be regarded to clash she manages to get them to compliment… and that’s why WE LOVE OLIVIA PALERMO!

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