Interview with Jeminee

I decided to interview Jeminee yesterday, I found out a lot more about her. I hope you all find it just as interesting!

Me (M) and Jeminee (J)

M: Out of everything you have designed, what is your favourite piece?

J: This is a really hard question! It would probably be this custom-made set that I designed in diamonds! It was for an arabic bride who also ordered a few other sets in Swarovski crystals. It was so much fun to design with real diamonds!

M: Who is your favourite designer?

J: It would have to be Chanel. She epitomizes affordable luxury, class, chic, the dresses are just beautiful! She wasn’t afraid to stand out, which is a quality I admire. While everyone was dressed in over the top in big dresses, she chose to wear a trouser suit.

M: What is your favourite high street shop?

J: I much prefer to shop online – I love Asos!

M: What is the last thing you bought?

J: I bought a new winter coat from Zara yesterday.

M: What is the most cherished thing in your jewellery box?

J: That has to be a vintage diamond earring and necklace set given to me from my Grandmother.

M: What triggered you to leave your job and start your own business?

J: A family friend introduced me to ‘The Secret’. It is a movie all about envisioning the life you want. It has had a real impact on my life. Although I was happy in my life and job, my dream was always to design and start my own business.

M: What inspires you?

J: Random things… chandeliers, door handles, chairs, anything and everything! On holiday I am constantly taking photos, even if I don’t have my camera on me, I just use my iPhone.

M: What is the most important thing you have learnt in your career?

To always remember it’s about your passion. There will always be ups and downs in business but when its bad at least you know its your dream you are pursuing!

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